Web Coding

A custom website built by ISolution Technologies really doesn’t need to be complicated.

Our team has completed hundreds of web design projects over the last decade.

We use the Laravel Framework to develop our web applications. This is the favoured choice for PHP developers.

It’s an open-source PHP based web application framework. It takes a speedy approach to web development with hassle free coding.

This means that experienced developers like us can create brilliant solutions to existing problems.

We can also design superb, eye-catching web applications, too.

We opted to use Laravel because:

  • It’s easy to manage and integrate into your existing business processes.
  • It’s moveable and scalable.
  • It’s great reliable framework and has superb technical support
  • It’s well known, dependable and easy to work with.

Technically, Laravel also has the following stand-out points in its favour:

It’s a highly secure framework. When a user logs in through your system, the password they enter won’t end up saved as plain text in the website database.

This helps prevent fraudulent activity and attempts from hackers. The saved data in the database is highly secure.

It has a ready-made set of features which help developers quickly add the right features for applications.

Laravel a really easy to manage database with the use of the migration option. Combined with Laravel’s schema builder, it will speedily and effortlessly update databases.

Whether your business is big or small Laravel will have a solution that will make your web presence shine.

If you’re interested in ISolution Technologies assisting you with any aspect of web coding, contact us today and we can get the conversation started.